Core Emotional Healing

Core Emotional Healing is the process of internal exploration of the origins, patterns and belief systems of our conditioned emotional responses. With the aid of breath sound and movement we can unlock limiting beliefs that block our full creative expression. With witness we can be held in supportive empathy to release painful memories and trauma held in the body. Freeing us from our reactions and compulsive patterns that do not serve our highest good. Allowing us to free ourselves from our past to be more fully present in each evolving moment.

All of us have experienced some form of abuse, oppression or trauma in our lifetimes. The majority of us did not learn how to be with and release painful emotions. As a result, these emotions became stored and stagnant in the body. Core Emotional Healing is a therapeutic process that assists participants in tapping into, and transforming emotional energies that have become crystallized and stuck. These frozen emotions significantly limit a person’s ability to heal and to experience life fully and joyfully. With the aid of a trained Core Emotional Healing facilitator, the client accesses repressed emotions. This is a guided process that encourages one to fully feel the energies breaking loose from their emotional core. The result is a transformation of dense crystallized energies into lighter/higher vibrational frequencies and the experience of greater well-being, personal authenticity, and inner peace. The process of healing our emotional bodies (which we acknowledge as being connected to all aspects of the human being) requires us to journey deeply to the core of our inner selves. In order to heal and experience inner peace we must first allow and experience the presence of our pain. By doing so, we are able to regain our personal sense of balance and to reconnect in a profound way to self-acceptance, unconditional love for self and others and to actualize our own dynamic self. The deepest and most successful core-level healing comes from being able to truly feel fully. Then we can release the pain from the past so we can be fully present in the ever evolving now.