Consciousness Coaching

“Life is the eternal dance of consciousness that expresses itself as the dynamic exchange of impulses of intelligence between microcosm and macrocosm, between the human body and the universal body, between the human mind and the cosmic mind. When you learn to give that which you seek, you activate and choreograph the dance with exquisite, energetic and vital movement that constitutes the eternal throb of life.”
(Depak Chopra)

Becoming consciously awake is the essential power of a wild woman. The wild woman becomes aware of her programming and patterning. She learns to recondition her brain and align herself with her hearts desires. Through the practice of Meditation, Yoga, Core Emotional Healing, EFT, Kundalini Dance, Sound Healing, Wild Women’s Way helps women become more conscious and aware, more wild and free. Reclaiming the mind, body and soul from conditioned triggered emotional responses. Receiving back in all the power of creation that is everyones birthright. Learning tools of self mastery through awareness practices and Pranayama breath exercises.