Hawaii is very sacred land, full of Mana (life Force Energy). It is the gift of the Aina (that which feeds us), that naturally inspires healing and personal transformation. Hawaii┬áis a gentle environment optimal for wilderness therapy. Wild Women’s Way offer unique wilderness experiences on the islands of Kauai and the Big island of Hawaii. Explore the hidden beauty and wisdom of the best adventure destinations on these islands. Wild Women’s Way will guide you to mountains, waterfalls, beaches, sacred sites that will open your heart to the Aloha Spirit of this land. Expand your wisdom and awareness of yourself, the history, culture and natural beauty of the environment. Offering healing transformational life experience, through Learning Wilderness Skills, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Consciousness Couching, Core Emotional Healing, ThetaHealing, Sound Healing, Intuitive Bodywork, Wild Medicinal and Edible Plant Wisdom, Organic Cooking and Gardening Instruction, Guided Super Food Cleanses.


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