Wild Adventures

“Spending time in nature enables you to sense the harmonious interactions of all the elements and forces of life, and gives you a sense of unity with all of life…that connection with natures intelligence will also help you access the field of pure potentiality.” (Deepak Chopra)

Seeing the beauty in nature reminds the wild woman that she is a beautiful part of creation. From the micro to the macro, nature helps us to understand how infinite we are. We are the beauty and power of nature. Our natural state is bliss

Wild Women’s Way offers Therapeutic Wilderness Adventures in Alaska, Hawaii and Utah. Wild Women’s Way offers women a unique experience, to access wilderness wisdom for transformation and spiritual growth. Epic healing journey’s to suite your comfort and skill level. Wild Women’s Way offers personalized  healing sessions, day trips, weekend workshops and week long retreats. These trips may include hiking, multi-day backpacking, ocean kayaking, river rafting, snorkeling, biking and skiing; Exploring mountains, canyons, beaches, waterfalls, sacred sites. These adventure retreats and wellness sessions, are designed to help heal trauma, abuse, grief, addiction, depression, and anxiety. Choose from amazing packaged tours or customize your own personal adventure.  These Journeys offer the experience of stepping into the unknown and out of the comfort zone. Empowering women to embrace and embody their wild authentic nature. Gaining wisdom through Wilderness Skills, Dance Therapy, Consciousness Coaching, Core Emotional Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Sound healing, Theta Healing, and Nutritional Consulting. These retreats are designed to help you move beyond limiting beliefs, and past trauma offering you tools to enhance your quality of life and well-being. Give yourself the gift of connecting to nature and your essential self. Expand your wisdom and ability to manage stress and cope with the challenges of daily life.

Snow Marks’s wilderness explorations have taken her deep into the heart of Alaska, Hawaii and Utah.  She has gained wisdom of these lands and the best paths of travel. Her insight into these wild places allows her to offer the most epic adventures possible.

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