A wild woman develops daily practices to live her life with ease and grace. To manifest her destiny in co-creation with spirit. She accepts the shadowy aspects of herself, illuminating them with the light of love. She knows she is infinite beyond the finite, and dose not judge her experiences. She allows events, situations, and obstacles to be learning lessons, to grow stronger and shine brighter. Forgiveness and compassion allow her to accept others and situations as they are, not as she wishes them to be. She release the need for control and has faith in the uncertainty of life. She finds allies in her spirit guides. She is supported, trusting in Mother Earth and great spirit. She lives her life in reverence and humility to the flow of divinity. She has an attitude of gratitude appreciating all that she is given. Whenever she finds herself swimming against the current, she lets go and allows herself to accept what is without resistance. Listening to her intuition she trusts and knows she is guided and protected. She utilizes prayer, ritual, ceremony and intention to design the life she desires for herself.

Wild Women’s Way is dedicate to teaching devotional practices to women to help strengthen their connection to source. These spiritual practices are nondenominational, incorporating various aspects of beliefs and religions. Such as prayer, intention, invocation, meditation, revelation, forgiveness, service, peace and love. Wild Women’s Way honors every woman’s spiritual path. Wild Women Way incorporates practices that are Gaia centric. Earth based spiritual rituals and ceremonies honoring solar and lunar cycles. Allowing us to honor the creative life forces in everything. Practices to deepen our respect and reverence to the life forces within us, such as gratitude, prayers, pujas, pranayama, meditations, mantras, singing, dancing, reading, writing and spending time in nature. These practices inspire and up lift us to understand the creative life force with in us and to connect to that infinite source of love with in.

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