A wild woman knows she is the artist, visionary, story teller of her life experiences. A wild woman thinks thoughts that strengthen and empower her sense of purpose. She takes radical responsibility to reprogram victim and poverty consciousness.  She becomes aware of her limiting self sabotaging, self doubting conditioning. She exposes the core beliefs that bind her to her past grief and sorrow. She consciously, examines the experiences of the external and notices its reflection of the internal. With awareness she acknowledges where change is needed to live more wildly free.  She weeds out the stories that do not serve her highest purpose. She composts the trauma of her past, and plants seeds of creation in the present that fruit and flower in divine alignment. She is focused, giving her full attention to manifest her destiny. She perceives with gratitude what is already here an dose not give energy to that which is lacking. Her intuition is her guiding force. She is heart centered and utilizes her emotional guidance to clarify her process of inquiry.  She becomes wise and able to discern which choices allow her to thrive. She tunes her dial to the frequency of abundance, joy and gratitude. Surrendering her limitations, opening her imagination. She elevates her vision to see the multidimensional infinite possibilities of creation.

Wild Women’s Ways, offers women an opportunity to explore the mind on a deeper level of consciousness. Helping women to clear away the clutter of false beliefs bringing the minds awareness to ones true essences and essential self. We create our reality with our thoughts. Learn ways of becoming the witness and observer of your experiences, behavior patterns and conditioned response. Wild Women’s ways provides tools to train your thoughts to create your desired reality. Offering meditation techniques, EFT, Core Emotional Healing and consciousness couching. The process of aligning with the truth of who you are, empowers you to become less attached to the stories of your past life. This gives you and opportunity to begin a new story, of your own creation and design. Bringing the minds focused attention on the now and the thoughts of the now that create the reality of the future.

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