A wild woman feels comfortable in her body. She moves freely uninhibited to express her femininity, sexuality and authentic wild nature. She celebrates her body as the love of her life. She cares for needs of her body by giving it healthy food, regular exercise and sensual pleasures. She adorns her body with colors and fashion that provide her comfort and style.  She speaks and thinks kindly about her body, with the wisdom that all the cells in her body are 100% faithful to her thoughts. A wild woman chooses to feel good in her body and she naturally knows what is healthy for her. She is disciplined and listens to her body and not the outside forces that pull on her. She understands that her body is a temple for her soul to worship and celebrate in.

Wild Women’s Way shares techniques for women to feel good in their body, offering nutrition, exercise and self-loving practices. Learn healthy habits such as safe cleansing, organic cooking, organic gardening, massage, yoga and dance. Wild adventures hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, skiing and climbing . Being active in the body helps clear the body of toxic emotions and energetic stagnation. The opportunity to feel good in your body, may not feel like a choice for some. However if we are breathing, we have the opportunity to be grateful for the breath of life and the gift of being in the body.

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