Way of the Wild Woman

The wild woman is reemerging on this planet after centuries of suppression and oppression.  Wild Women are coming out of hiding, finding their power, raising their voices, allowing themselves to be seen felt and heard.

A wild woman is free in her Body, Mind, and Spirit. She is connected to the source of her creative life force energy. She instinctually knows how to nurture and care for life. She is empowered in the truth and totality of who she is. She is on a journey of self discovery, awakening to her purpose, walking in a beauty way. She is transforming herself and her world with ease and grace. Embodying love by living a passionate, joy-filled life. She learns how to align and listen to her body, mind and spirit. She comes to know what is true for her and what serves her highest purpose. A wild woman holds nothing back. She fiercely expresses her authentic creativity. She surrenders to the mystery, pushing herself beyond her comfort zone, trusting in the unknown. She lives her life in devotion to love, overcoming her fears and insecurities.  She doesn’t give up or give in to the forces working against her. She is free to be her self and think for herself. She cares without taking things personally. She expands beyond the boundaries of the finite to embrace her infinite essence. She is awaking and remembering, the unique gifts she has to offer the world.

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