Thank You Snow, for the ThetaHealing session. I feel So clear and balanced! Your grounded presence, deep intuitive sensing, and ability to listen to what needed attention in my body was right on. As I sat with you, I felt completely safe, seen, and supported. You have a depth of wisdom in your ancient soul that I fully trusted. Your ability to See what was present for me, make the necessary vibrational adjustments to rebalance my spirit, and ask the important questions necessary to access the core level origin of the pain I was experiencing was just what I needed to support the healing process. I Wish many to receive your gifts of healing as we support one another in this time of rapid awakening and transformation. I found having a witness and guide to our transformation is one of the most potent catalysts for Real Permanent shifts. Sending Blessings to you. May you be fully support as you practice your gifts. You are a Magical medicine woman! Mahalo. In deep gratitude, Lila Cari Star

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